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I posted about my boy having diahhrea and sneezing last week. We went into the vet and they weren't really sure. They thought it might be his GI tract getting too much of a mix of foods (we feed kibble and nature's variety, we also switched kibble recently because he wasn't liking the Orijen). We got some medication for his stomach and the doc said to give him adult benedril. We also have had him on chicken and rice since Sunday and only yesterday did we start putting him back on the kibble.

I went into the vet on Monday. Since then the diarrhea has stopped, the sneezing is pretty much gone. However...

Since yesterday I've noticed red itchy bumps on both his legs, he's not sneezing but he started hacking a lot today. He's panting a lot too. I'm wondering if this is a food allergy... he has a lot of the symptoms. Sneezing, diarrhea, itchy bumps... I'm also wondering if it's this kibble.

I want to put him back exclusively on the chicken and rice... but beyond that I'm stumped. Our vet can't see him again until Friday. They could squeeze us in tomorrow, but it's with a different vet and we don't like her.

Any suggestions?
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