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What's wrong with providing a safe calm place for the dog to eat, un-interrupted?

I had the same concerns with Kelly when I watched her eat for the first time. Ears flat, feet splay and hunkered over her food, gobbling like no tomorrow. I thought, food possessive for sure.

And, I would be too. If I was fed with a dominant older brother who gobbled all his food and went for hers for seconds.

I decided to tackle it a different way than all the mind game things with food I'd read about.

She now eats from an elevated bowl for one, and two, get ready.....I make her sit, watch me, touch my palm with her nose and mark with a yes to let her know it's okay to eat.

Once, she's done her work, I don't mess with her. No games. Just let the big dog eat.

After 3 weeks, she now WON'T eat unless I am there in the kitchen with her, and now there is no more splayed feet or fear, she can eat in peace without competition anything or anyone. She's calm and eats at a leisurely pace.

With bones, I only give them to her crated and it's the same thing. Highly valued food item so I don't mess with her once she's done the work by laying down in the crate.

It's simple, and it worked for both my dogs.
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