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from the time my pup came home i would put my hand
in his food. sometimes i would pet him all over, stand over him,
lay down beside him or what ever. my dog is 3 yrs old and every now and then i'll put my hand in his food, pet him or what ever. i've had people
tell me you shouldn't play with his food. like anything else how's he going
to get use to it if you don't do it?
A little late to do any of this now. I personally also believe that doing this can sometimes create a problem. I never did any of this with Raven and I can reach in a pull a raw piece of chicken out of her mouth if I need to and she just gives me kisses for doing it.

Can you feed Cullen in a crate to prevent him or anyone else from gettng too close when he is eating? I think that would be the quickest way to prevent accidents while working on the problem.

You already know the most tried methods of working with resorce guarding. I would back way up and start from scratch. Start by tossing treats from a distance when you walk by and he is eating and gradually decrease that distance (over weeks or months and always keeping him under threshold) and work up to being able to place a treat down in front of him or even hand it to him. I would not touch him or try to take food away from him for a long time if ever. If you feed him kibble sometimes, feed that by hand

He needs to learn that you aren't just going to take things away for no reason. Always trade up if you have the opportunity. It sounds like he has a good "drop" so use that if you need to take food away from him. Doe he have a good leave it to? I think those would be good to use so he is making the choice to give it to you vs feeling like it is unfairly being taken from him.
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