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I'm looking for advice or recommendations on flying with my dog. I'm looking to fly from Colorado to Oregon in october to november to visit my parents, and I'm a bit apphresive about flying with my puppy.

Has anyone had an exceptionally good (or bad) experience with any particular airline? I am looking, in particular, at United's PetSafe program.

Does anyone know anything about the space that the dogs are actually stored in?

I've read stories about airlines delivering dead dogs to their owners upon reaching their destination, and a loss like that would just devastate me. I guess I just imagine him getting tossed in a dark hole with no ventillation and coming through at our destination dead.

That being said, he was an imported puppy, and flew over from germany when he was just a baby, so I believe these fears are unfounded, though they are persistent. I'm looking to see if anyone has had any good stories about flying with their dog.
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