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petedge is awesome, we ordered from them several weeks back and were very happy.

We use and love biospot, don't care what people say about it. There are others on this board that use and love it. I've used it for years on my own dogs and many fosters who came to me with fleas and have not had any flea problems. I paid $20 per 6 pack this past yr when I ordered it online from

I use it on mine, all our fosters, and my mothers two GSD's. My personal opinion and experience is that frontline and advantage (I've never used advantix) are worthless. Both times I was using them in years past my dogs got fleas.

The feed throughs are very overpriced but sound like they work ok. Remember that capstar is only good for the fleas that are on them, so if you give them capstar and there are fleas still in the house it won't do any good.
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