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Flea Meds Special

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Not sure if this is allowed or not, but wanted to let members know that Fosters and Smith has a special until September 2. There are no shipping charges on Advantage, K9 Advantix, Frontline, Frontline Plus, Program and BioSpot.

I am not sure if the prices are discounted as well but they are cheaper than what I can get at my local vet.
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Really thanks
Your welcome. I figured that many members may find it a great deal since so many of them use this product. I bought 1 package each of Frontline Plus for the dog and cat. I may have saved $10.
Fosters and Smith typically have free shipping on flea & tick products and on perscription meds.
Now I feel stupid. lol. I thought I was getting a deal by the way it was it put in the catalong. Thank you, I'll read the fine print from now on.
Hey, I didn't word that very well. Didn't mean for you to feel stupid. It is a good deal. It's not always offered but it is offered very often. The joke was on me when I ordered a 3 mos perscription in one of the few periods where they weren't offering free shipping on perscriptions! The perscription was still a good deal cheaper than my vets and I have a four month supply. Fosters and Smith is a good outfit. I have my pet food coming on pampered pet program. It works great except when I forget to postpone a shipment like I did this month. I now have 6 bags of dog food instead of 4. But two of those are free and the next shipment of the other food will be free (every 10th order is free.) Still, when I have all this dog food in my house (can't store it in the garage!) I wonder just how smart I was...
haha. That's ok. I have never ordered from them before and thought what a deal this would be because I hate paying shipping and handling. I think they inflate it more than necessary.
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