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I noticed that Ozzy has some little flakes on his fur from his skin, like dandruff/dry skin.

I got him a bag of the lamb and oatmeal BB puppy and he eats that much more easily than the chicken and brown rice kibble. Normally I have to stand around and wait for him to eat the chicken, but when I gave him lamb, he ate it, no problem. He loves it.

Might he have a chicken allergy drying out his skin? All of his food so far, aside from the lamb and oatmeal, has chicken in it. I don't know if that has to do with why he eats that formula faster than the chicken, since that might just be because he prefers the taste, but I'm curious. He gets all of the following: BB chicken/brown rice, Wilderness salmon/chicken, turkey/chicken, and duck/chicken (canned), Nature's Variety raw: chicken formula, and BB lamb and oatmeal.

He's almost done with all of the foods with chicken, so should I try out different formulas with no chicken and see if that helps his skin?

Another thought I had would be that the ticks/fleas dried out his skin, or him scratching himself has given him the dandruff.

What do you guys think is more plausible? The chicken making his skin dry or the ticks and fleas? (We still have a few ticks here and there, but no more fleas).
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