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Fixing your dog

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I have been looking at different breeder sites and found one that said the hip warranty will be null if the dog is fixed before 24 months. Reason being by fixing the dog, you mess with the growth of the bones. Is this a standard practice by GSD breeders?

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That doesn't make much sense to me. HD is not caused by neutering at an early age. It's not a bad idea to wait that long to neuter though, because of the bone growth thing, but not in relation to the hips. Other will know more about this than me, but I don't think that's standard practice by breeders.
I've never heard of that either. I don't think simply neutering would make that much of a difference. My breeder's hip guarantee is for 24 mos but regardless. Since most people do neuter before 24 mos, it might be an easy out for them!
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