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Fish oil?

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I've been giving my 15 month old female some fish oil supplement that I picked up at the pet food store for about a week now. She love the taste, and I'm hoping it's going to help her.

Question.... can I give Dima the same fish oil supplement that I take daily? (I'm taking 1000mg pills). It'd be a whole lot easier if I could just pop a fish pill into her food in the AM, and again in the PM.

I'm just curious....

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I give my pack human grade supplements. They are cheaper than the canine version and the dogs eat them like treats. I also give the 1000 mg. but only one time per day. I also give vit. E
glucosomine and ester C. They are raw fed. I just bought garlic capsules, but am not sure if this is ok in the human form, still researching this one....
Thanks for the reply. It sure is a whole lot cheaper to give her the stuff I'm taking rather than the product that I bought her.

Appreciate it.
Absolutely! I use all human grade supplements for the dogs.

I use Carlson's 1000mg salmon body oil and I give 75# Penny with allergies 3 a day and 60# Sasha 10 a week. They eat the capsules on their food with no problem.
if you are going to give the fish oil, you might as well do the vit E, and Ester c, or better yet, you might want to find and all in one product like Missing Link, canine complete, nupro, etc. there are also some very good multi-task supplements put out by KV Vet like the vetri-science products.
since Dima is young and your just looking for moderate supplement help and not theraputic strength, i would seriously go with one of the above for maintenance purposes. preferably a product that also contains digestive floras.

Thanks everyone. I figured the human stuff was o.k, but of course with my dogs I just wanted to make sure.

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the human supplements are the same as for dogs, cats horse etc them at costco and its even cheaper and you get more. I also give extra virgin olive oil...great for the coat... and my hair and

i would be careful with Vit. E..even a human if you go over 400units its not always good...ive been taking vit for over 30yrs regular and summer use a lot less cause our food is fresher and we have more sun...same for dogs...if you feed them properly they dont need all of the vit. Its better to get a good quality dog food so like that they can use less Vit...
I have been giving my girl Grizzly Salmon Oil which is really expensive and am going to switch to human fish oil caps but I was wondering how much I should give. My dog is 2 years old and last fall had seasonal allergies and was on prednisone for 30 days. I am looking to give her a high enough amount to possibly help with allergies if we have another bout with them this fall, etc. She weighs 78 pounds and could use an extra few pounds in all honesty. How many mg should I give a day? Thanks.
Kasey- I give my 75ish # allergy ridden girl 3,000mg a day of Carlson's brand salmon body oil. I could probably increase this to 4,000mg, but don't mainly due to cost and not being sure if it is necessary- but I might try it.

The cheapest I have found them at is at,
The general rule of thumb is 1,000 mg of salmon/fish oil per 10 lbs. of body weight (some people say 1,000 mg per 20 lbs.), so you could safely give her 7-8 pills per day. Also, you should give her either 200-400 i.u. of Vitamin E once per day.

I have two 100 lb. dogs and I give them five 1,000 mg softgels with their morning meal and five 1,000 mg softgels with their evening meal, together with 400 i.u. of Vitamin E at night only.

I buy the human grade at Sam's Club - much cheaper.
Do you guys give straight fish oil? Someone mentioned to me that the Omega 3-6-9 would be better...

Good info on the rule of thumb too.

You do not need the 3-6-9. The long-chain Omega 3's are what are lacking in a dog's diet. We (and dogs) get too much Omega 6 from processed food and vegetable oils.

The ideal ratio for 6 to 3 is 1:1, but it is suspected that the American diet has a ratio of 20:1. Not good.

If our dogs (and we) ate all pasture-fed meat instead of grain-fed, the ratio would be much better.

Therefore, we want to supplement with Omega 3 to try to bring the ratio closer.

(Omega 6 = fats that promote inflamation (sending blood to a wound)

(Omega 3 = fats that keep inflamation under control)

Hope this helps.
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Cod Liver Oil does the exact same thing and a lot cheaper.
Read on cod liver oil and you will see what I mean before buying 3-6-9.
Originally Posted By: GSDogCod Liver Oil does the exact same thing and a lot cheaper.
Read on cod liver oil and you will see what I mean before buying 3-6-9.
They are completely different!

Cod liver oil primarily supplies vitamins A and D, both of which are fat soluble, meaning the body stores any excess, and can be overdosed.

I would not recommend cod liver oil unless you knew there was a need for those vitamins in the diet or unless the dog wasn't getting adequate sunlight which is how they get vitamin D.

Omega 3 fatty acids are what fish *body* oils provide and what you want to see the benefits. Cod liver oil supplies barely any omega 3 fatty acids compared to fish body oils.
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I was feeding my pup with a pet Omega3 suplement, a especifically designed for pups one, but my SL showed me the salmon oil Omega3 for babies and kids she is suplementing my niece and its exactly the same, but half expensive and the bottle is bigger. It's even the same brand!

It worths to take a look at the baby food shelves.
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