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We took Murph to Sitting Bull Falls to hike and then to Lake Brantley State Park the next day, we had a great time and Murph got his first real swim. I didn't take the crate with me to see how he'd do and he was great. We passed out at 9pm exhausted from the hike and he woke us up at 11 to go outside. I foolishly ignored him thinking he just wanted on the bed with us, so he peed on the floor. DOH!
He did really great on the hiking, which consisted of a big climb over giant steps and rocks. He handled everything curiously and confidently. He did great in the car as well and pretty much just slept every time we drove somewhere. Great trip and socialization for him as we mixed in obedience training throughout the weekend around all the new smells and distractions.

His first actual swim

Walking himself back to shore after he's had enough!

Watching Mom swim from the safety of a log.

Chilling and eating at the hotel

Making sure Mom keeps his water at the proper level for easy drinking

Bestest boy...

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