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Over the summer I purchased a grass fed cow with some co-workers, so I've been making my way through the cuts I received. There was one labeled soup shank, so I took it out to make soup tonight and surprise!... it was mostly a bone with marrow (I didn't know what to expect). Anyhow, instead of wasting most of it, I offered the bone, with some meat attached, to Shya and she did a great job eating off the outside meat and the inside marrow. She's pretty much given up now.

Should I expect her to eat the bone too?

How should I clean my kitchen floor?! I usually just use water so I don't leave chemicals around for her. But should I be concerned about bacteria?

I would like to make RAW a bigger part of her diet in the future. But I have to research carefully because she's both diabetic and has EPI. The vet was on board with switching to RAW until this diagnosis and now she doesn't want to give her anything that's hard to digest (and grain based kibble is easy :confused:).

Haha... Shya's looking everywhere for more now :p! It was fun to watch her eat like a wolf.
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