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First time Shepherd owner ???

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Ok I am sure this is stupid but it is starting to worry me.

Can you brush your GSD too much?

I use a ferminator, stripping rake and or regular rake almost daily lately.

The hair just keeps coming off. I have read how much they shed but can you over do it.

Especially on the back legs I seem to be taking all the black hair off and leaving pepper colored. NOT the feathers but the legs.

Just wondering if I could actually be taking the top coat off?

Everyone comments on how shinny his coat is but I thought I better ask before the boy is bald.

Thank you.
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I'm curious too! We started using the furminator a couple weeks ago, and still haven't gotten to a point to where the hair stops coming off...
When I use the Furminator only underhair comes out - a lot of it! Aftr about 20 minutes it stops coming out so heavy. I got another brush specifically for the topcoat too. I dont think that you will make him bald - but definitely watch and make sure his coat isnt being damaged by overbrushing.
I have never heard of even the possibility of brushing too much with the possible exception of skin irritation. The amount of brushing purely depends on the dog. My old dog Zeus had the thickest coat I've ever seen. I could spend an hour in the self wash (and I mean every second of the hour) using the blower and multiple tools and get a whole other dog out of him. Then I could take him home and brush him and get out more and more and more... you get the picture. His back legs were the worst as well. You will not harm him, and it is that time of year isn't it!
I have heard that it will just strip the coat of everything that it is bad to us on our breed, I have a friend that works in a groomers office and she also shows this breed and told me never to buy it, it will cut the hair so you will always get fur everytime you use it.
It is spring, so it is normal that dogs shed their winter coats. However, I would be careful with too much brushing (especially with a furminator). You can take away too much hair or irritate the skin.

Personally, I would say, brush your dog 2 to 3 times a week. It will keep his coat in good condition. But use a furminator only once in 2 weeks.

But...that's my opinion.
I had also heard negative things on the furminator.
The boxer isn't a huge fan.

It is actually the stripping rake I get the most off with. I will slow down.LOL
I don't use a Furminator, but YES some brushes break off and rip off Kenya's guard hairs as you are describing. I only use an undercoat rake on her now. In the past, I've tried shedding blades and a Zoom Groom, both of those broke guard hairs so I don't use them anymore.
We do have a furminator but use it very seldom. As far as grooming is concerned I try to comb (with a widely spaced, rigid, metal tooth) everyday. There is no damage to the coat and it certainly helps in keeping the loose hair from collecting all over the house. I also use a rake once in a while. The rake comes in handy when the girls start to throw their coat.
There is nothing like regular grooming to keep them looking great!

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GSD's continually lose guard hairs and release undercoat depending on the weather or in what temperatures they are kept. I very much doubt that either a furminator or a zoom groom with have any impact as normal hair loss as neither cut the coat. Furminators gently remove loose hairs and a Zoom Groom is a rubber curry and neither have a blade to cut coat. In fact, a rake used roughly or incorrectly on highly packed undercoat can remove more than loose hair as will a stripper or dematter (which do cut coat) and they do need to be used with care.

However, I would not advocate overusing any grooming tool in the one place - a general all over effective grooming regularly so that the coat never becomes tangled, packed or the skin irritated is much more preferable than just continual grooming which may even result in overstimulating natural oil production and interrupt the usual ability of the coat to shed any acquired soiling.

These dogs are called "German Shedders" for a good reason!!
Remember, also, that brushing is supposed to distribute the natural oils in the coat. I like a bristle brush for this. I don't have a furminator and don't feel that I need one, an undercoat rake, pinbrush and bristle work fine for me.
Originally Posted By: onyx'girlRemember, also, that brushing is supposed to distribute the natural oils in the coat. I like a bristle brush for this. I don't have a furminator and don't feel that I need one, an undercoat rake, pinbrush and bristle work fine for me.
Yes, brushing does distribute the natural oils so use what works for you. I did not see the need for a furminator (or similar tool) either but I do see the benefit since owning one - I wish I had got the laube instead!!

BUT, I do dispute the claim that the furminator or a zoom groom "cut the coat" because they do not and perpetuating that myth should not be encouraged. There is always the potential of misuse and overuse of any grooming tool including a rake and I have no doubt that you use the tool correctly but there are those that do not and those people cause their dog harm - that is a fact I have personally witnessed.
Take a break, and brush te dog only every other day.
i use a pin brush twice a week. i brush him up and down. i filled one of those plastic bags you get from the super market this morning. last week when i brushed him i was thinking green and i let the hair blow in the wind. the next morning it was all over my neighbors lawn and driveway. i was glad he thought it was funny. my neighbors have a GSD also. when they let her out she comes over to our side of the fence and barks for us to let out our dog. i have to buy a nice bristle brush. a soft one and a stiff/coarse one.
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