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First Time In Heat Questions

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I have never had a female go into heat because usually I have had my dogs spayed while very young so please bear with my questions.

1. Do personalities change during this time? I did read the other thread but my dog isn't acting clingy. My dog is more subdued, not happy. But then, neither am I when it's that time of the month.

2. Can dogs go into heat less than 6 months apart? My dog bled the first time for about a week and then stopped. So, this is the 2nd time in her life. She's also 10 months old. Normal?

3 How long do I have to wait before it's safe to get my girl spayed? This will last for approximately 3 weeks right?

4. Are the growth plates done changing at this point?
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I am also eagerly waiting for replies to your question!
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Since I know nothing about this time in a dog's life, what's the hydrogen peroxide for? Cleaning her up? I did go through the health section searching for any info so I didn't feel like an idiot and this was not in any of them.

I did see that there are different methods of spaying, one thread mentioned using lazer. Now I am wondering what questions should I be asking the vet when I am ready to go through and spay my dog. I haven't done this in a long time and technology has changed in the last 15 years so I do need to know what questions to ask before committing myself to any vet.
Originally Posted By: MaxGunnarI'll give you and answer for the question you didn't ask.....

Hydrogen Peroxide

OK, I'm no expert but I'll try to give you an answer to the best of my limited ability.
The heat cycle will last for up to a month. With bleeding from 2-3 but the following week I consider also because she can still get pregnant during this time.
As for mood changes, yes, you could see subtle changes in behavior, usually when asked a command they will have this' I don't feel like it' attitude which isn't typical with the Shepherds. Also being a bit grumpy would not be abnormal.
What worrys me is you say she is 10 months old and this is her second heat. I would be very concerned and getting her to the vet. At 10 months you should be experienceing her first heat not her second. BTW the first can occur anytime between 6-12 months.
It isn't typical that they should come in heat twice in that short a period of time. But then again I'm not an expert. So maybe someone with more knowledge can help you better.
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Well, now you are scaring me. She bled only a couple of days about a month or so ago and it just stopped. I found brown spots on the tile floor in the kitchen and couldn't figure out the source. I thought my husband was spilling coffee on the kitchen floor. When I realized what was happening, I was concerned that there was the possibility that she could become pregnant and didn't allow her to roam in the fenced backyard as usual. Could there be a chance that it could be chalked up to being young and not regular like a young teenager? lol. I guess a call to the vet is necessary on Monday.

Do people keep track on a calendar when a dog comes into heat so they are prepared for the next one? I wish I had made a note of it now.
I'm guessing that Hydrogen Peroxide is the answer to how to get blood out of carpet
Originally Posted By: Barb E.I'm guessing that Hydrogen Peroxide is the answer to how to get blood out of carpet
and anything else
Laser surgery is getting very common now...and the preferred choice. Most vets are using this procedure and advising you choose it (just a tad more expensive). Ask your vet if he does this. When your vet says...less pain, less recovery do you
DHAU In our Kennel the other female will bring in another female earlier than 6 months and there is a thing call split heats where a female comes in and then about a month later comes in again. I don't know your curcumstances on you female for say. Also yes we keep track of our females on when they came in so that we can be ready for the next time.
Wow. Learned something new.
Split cycle as Chuck said is some what common in young females. I have always tracked by females but just don't go by the 6 month theory, some females will cycle at every 5 monts, some every 4 months and it ususally takes 2 or so cycles for the female to settle into a pattern.

Sorry now for the rest of your questions. I think you will see some sort of personality change with females, any thing ranging from snippy, to over active, to subduded, to clingy, to not so cuddle, pretty much just all over the map. Then there are some females who are just rocks and don't change at all.
Thanks for the responses. Spaying early does have its advantages. lol. Unfortunately, I didn't know any better years ago. Waiting for her to physically and mentally mature sucks big time. j/k
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