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First Stack

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Hey all, This is the first and only Stack that we attempted with this dog. This is Champ, and I had 1.5 yrs before Apollo and Zeus. Champ passed away in July of '06. R.I.P Baby. He was four years old in these pictures. Anyways, He was supposed to come from champion American Showlines, so, if you can from this horid stack tell me anything about his conformation, and his head? All critiques are welcome. Don't hold back!

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I know this isn't even a good stack, but any critique would be nice, good or bad. My feelings won't be hurt, promise.
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I don't critique any dogs but Champ was a beautiful, handsome dog.
Very nice masculine head. The conformation is hard to evaluate with the lighting and positioning. He looks to have a very good length of croup though it could have flowed a bit more smoothly into his loin/back. Looks like a high withers, good bone and feet. He had excellent pigment and very good color. To nit pick, I would have liked more black on the face.
Thanks for your critique and compliments, I appreciate them a lot.
Beautiful guy he was. Hard to critique his stance from the photo....but wow he was handsome!!
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