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Good Morning All from the UK

So last night we took Yoshi to a puppy social evening at our local vet clinics which they run for pups who just had 1st or 2nd jab as long as they have not been outside following 2nd jab.

We were not sure how many would turn up but 4 did, and well Yoshi was the biggest there by a mile, the other 3 were spaniel, tiny lab, and some curly haired thing, was amazed at how confident Yoshi was, running over to everyone people and puppies included greeting them.

The vets were really good, talking to us, asking how we were getting on, while chaos occured all around, the couple with the spaniel were former GSD owners, so we were talking with them about a lot of things, also RAW feeders so we have arranged some play dates, even after their dog ended up soaked, as Yoshi would have a drink but not swallow it all and well end up licking another pup and transferring the water lol.

But overall there was some yelping from the little pups when Yoshi got a bit too excited, but then also the little pups gave it back to him, and he backed off so was learning.

We managed to borrow a metal cart from our local pet store, so on Saturday I am going to pull the cart into town with Yoshi in it so he can experience some more things, though will be early as it gets really hot in the UK at the moment not as bad as the US, but for us tea drinkers its hot.

No photos of the event, but we did weigh him, and at 10 weeks he is 9.2Kg which I think is pretty good?

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