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Roxy had her last set of shots yesterday and also her first puppy class last night. She did so good.
Was worried about being around the other's a fairly big class...the only 2 she didn't like ( nor did any of the dogs) were 2 little yappy ankle biters. 1 of them is like a tea cup chihuahua and the other one was some yappy little terrier looking thing that the owner has evidently tried to have in this class before and hasn't been able to stay in due to his behavior...but anyhow...

Roxy takes a liking to a boy german shepherd ..what I am guessing just about the same age. We were cramped on time to get started so didn't get to talk to the owner of the other GSD..but his owner and I had to stay close together during class or our 2 dogs would start doing their little vocal thing until we were all herded back up the end of the class his owner and I were able to chat and found out...............( wait for it).........they are brother and sister. OMG -- how funny!!! ...not only that but they actually live in the same town we now we have exchanged numbers and plan on getting them together for play dates.

so puppy class -- SUCCESS on a couple different levels.
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