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first camp ground experience

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tyson had his first camp ground experience yesterday. we go camping several times during the summer season. we werent sure about takeing tyson on a couple trips because we were not sure how he would react or behave. so yesterday the in-laws were camping fairly close to where i live and we decided to visit for the day just to see how tyson would do. HE DID GREAT!! awesome socializeing experience for him. we had hundreds of dogs yapping and barking as we walked the camp grounds, tyson just stared and minded his own business
not a noise out of him. another great socializeinig experience was with the roudy little kids. we had a few small groups of kids meet us throughout our walk wanting to "pet my dog." he has not had much socializeing with small kids prior to today and he sat very nicely to be "mauled" by the little ones which made me very proud!! there were also a few GSD lovers that stopped us to admire and pet tyson which he sat very nicely for and made this whole experience great!!

he just turned 6 months old yesterday. he is comeing along very nicely just as i expected. other than him being a typical pup at this age he is a very good boy. i couldnt be more proud of my little guy!!
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