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I would recommend that you contact you local Emergency management office or your local Sheriff's office and thet could get you headed in the right direction.

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You have some options

My team, SCSARDA is based in Spartanburg
NCSARDA is in Asheville Area
There are some folks in Hickory, I think
Check with the FD in Statesville, there were some people there
Foothills SAR is in Grennville
SCSD is in Charleston
REDs is in Raleigh
There is a team in Rutherfordton but not so sure about them
There is a team in Columbia, STAR team but we have not trained with them in a long time

There are no teams I know of in Charlotte. Mecklenburg County does not call volunteer dogs handlers nor does York County, though they have a couple of people associated with the FD who work dogs.
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