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If I'm in the wrong section, forgive me......

I have other dogs, well my boyfriend has two and I have one who lives with my parents now. I have a vet for him, and my boyfriend goes to a vet close to us.......but I just found out he's not happy with them :shocked:

I live on a dirt road, decent amount of land, about 30 minutes from the city but I'm trying to find a decent vet and finding it more difficult than I thought.

I am taking Elsa to the one my boyfriend uses simply because she needs her final shots before her classes start and they are closest. I've looked at like Google and the reviews for the ones in the area, and I did find one that had very good reviews and only one bad out of like 25 or so. I just don't want to take her an hour away because right now, she tends to throw up in the car if the drive is longer than 20-30 minutes. The price range it surprising: from $38 to $100+ for the first visit excluding microchip which the pound is doing for $13.00 less with Home Safe (think that's the one)

Any suggestions or comments? The breeder is over an hour away so I really didn't want to make that drive for her, but I can do so if I need to. I know it won't be all the time, and I want only the best for her.
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