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About a year ago I would hide treats indoors and say find and the dogs would look for and find the treats. My GSD was terrible at this. My husky got 99% of them. However the past 3 months I have taken her favorite toy ( her ball) outside and put her in a stay command and then hid it elsewhere outdoors. She is actually much better at this than with the treats. When I say find, she will come out of the stay command, and look- sometimes she will pick up the scent rather quick and find it.. other times she is soo far off and she just looks at me like where is it, and unless I show her the general area, she wont find it. How can I improve on this?

Try starting with the treat/ball/toy w/e closer to her and work your way out so her area expands. This worked very well with my last dog and he realized just like being inside that the better he did the bigger the area would get :):crazy:

oh and one thing if she starts to get lost as to where it is, start back over with a bit smaller area and work your way back up.

hope this helps!
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