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Finally got my black working line.......

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.....even if it's only for a week!:( I would like to introduce my new GSD Argo vom Wildhaus SchH III (I will only give him back when the leash is jerked from my hand!!!)

I have always wanted two GSDs, and after establishing my addiction to SchH, I have been working at adding a male working line to our family.

In the back of my mind, I have been asking myself if I could properly care for and train two GSDs, and after taking these two with me everywhere the past 24 hours....the answer is yes! Yesterday, we all left club together, and went to my son's sixth grade football game, then to the aquarium shop, and then home for a romp in the yard. This morning we trained at the usual spot on the community college campus where Dayna and I usually track and do obedience every Sunday, and Argo was just part of the team! These are some photos from knocking around the yard this morning. We would walk the parameter, Argo would mark, and Dayna would follow for a quality control sniff, then we'd move on another 15 feet!:laugh:

Is it just me or do they look awesome together????

Guarding the front door! Welcome.

Just chillin' after running around for a few hours!
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Beautiful pictures! Yes, you obviously need a pair!
Great dogs and great job for making them sit together nicely for the photo op.
Is it just me or do they look awesome together????
They really do make a great looking pair!!:)
Think it's time for an all black puppy,lol They look happy together:)
They are just beautiful. It is wonderful to have at least two. Watching how they interact is amazing. Congrats.
Gorgeous ! I would not be handing over that lead & would have it super glued to my hand ! :p LOL May I ask, why only a wk ? BTW, nice house also...........

IMO... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our BGSD, he was a rescue & has been an awesome boy ! Sure has that prey drive ! :eek: Gotta know how to handle working lines a bit diff from show line IMO, but awesome dogs ! ;)

Of course you can care for two GSDs, Wayne! Believe in yourself!

And yes, they look so CUTE together, LOL, your Dayna is such a sweetheart.

And what WAS Diana thinking? Did she really think she would get her Argo back?
With a yard like that you could use another!
I have 3. :gsdhead::gsdhead::gsdhead:
Gorgeous dogs........and home!
Gorgeous ! I would not be handing over that lead & would have it super glued to my hand ! :p LOL May I ask, why only a wk ?;)
Super glue is a nice thought! I am watching him for a friend/training club member while she is on vacation. She thinks I will return him when she gets back a week from now!:rofl:
I wondered where the kids were while Dianna was away. Looks like one of them is in good hands!
And yes, a black dog graces your property nicely!
Two are no trouble at all!!!
Great pictures!!! Black would fit in nicely!!! :)
Of course you can care for two dogs. What a question.

And yes, it's a gorgeous team. I wouldn't give him back either :D
gorgeous pooches,,can you leave town with both dogs, no forwarding address? LOL
...Yes, you obviously need a pair!

:rofl: I wonder if Wayne hears that a lot?

Awesome pics. :wub: Dana's got a boyfriend, Dana's got a boyfriend....
They look gorgeous together! BTW - amazing looking house! :)
:rofl: I wonder if Wayne hears that a lot?
Oh little sister, that is gonna leave a mark! I am thinkin' 15 yard penalty for unnecessary roughness!
yup.... move and leave no forwarding address!!!! Love the hose BTW. You definitely need more than one GSD!!!
Very nice Wayne! and thanks for taking care of MY (see signature below) Argo-man! I am glad to hear he is doing well, I am sure it is just as much fun for him as it is you!
Samba started it.
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