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Fighting dogs problem

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One of my female GSDs hates another female within the pack.

She has gotten so vicious towards the other bitch that I had to seperate her from the pack.

Do you think this is an issue that can be solved? I received comments by other GSD owners that there isn't much that can be done in a situation like this other than seperation.

Any thoughts?
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How many dogs do you have in total? What are all the ages/sexes? And how long has the problem been going on? Does it only happen when you are in the room?

Over the internet, it's very hard to diagnose problems, so keep that in mind with all our advice.

How have all the obedience/dog classes going with the dogs? What does your trainer recommend? Do your dogs all listen all the time OTHER than these 2 when they go at it?

How many miles of exercise are the dogs getting, off leash, every day?
How old are the females in question. How many other dogs in the pack? When did the problem start.
HEY THERE Wisc.Tiger, those are my questions!!!!

How smart are the both of us. Hopefully the questions will be answered soon.
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Also, who is altered and who is intact? And what do you mean by "vicious"?
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