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Fence sessions...

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My neighbors on both sides have dogs that occasionally come over to the fence line and start barking if they hear us in the backyard. As soon as my boys hear this, they react by jamming over to the fence line and just unlease some intense bark sessions. I would like to have more control over these situations, at times if I have nothing to motivate them to leave the fence, they will just ignore me and continue to bark. From your experience, any suggestions on gaining control during these situations, please comment...
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Sarge used to do that too. If I called him and he didnt respond Id go get him!! Then we went back into the house for a while even if we just went out. Now He might bark once but then he looks at me with that..I dont wanna go back in look on his face. Then I tell barking. He ignors the other dog and goes on about his business.

Calling and calling the dog while being ignored is not a good idea. Call him once. If you he doesnt come, go get him. If you call him and he doesnt come over and over it just reinforces the fact he can ignor you and nothing happens so why should he listen to you??

You could also use treats to help with recall training.
I had this problem at my old house, chain link fence with dogs on the back and side.

I bought a 30ft lunge line at the feed store, they bark they get reeled in. It took a bit of effort as you have to catch them doing it, which means all time outside is supervised.

Now I have a remote controlled spray collar, my neighbors have 11 or so grandkids that visit every Sunday and my Echo goes nuts. I didn't want something that would just spray every time she barks, I wanted to teach her to stop.

One spray is all it took to get her to stop barking at the kids.
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