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I have heard this myth or fact I don't know, but I have heard that female dogs will listen to male owners better than female owners and vice versa with male dogs.
In my case, this is true. I'm a single female and have owned a now 3 year old female since she was 3 months old. Her two favorite people on this earth are my ex-boyfriend and a male fellow rescue volunteer. When they are around, I don't exist despite the fact that I train, feed, walk and play with her every day. She may be weird though as she loves all men despite leaving with two females and not having much exposure to them. My male fosters, however, hang on my every word and could care less about the guys.

Secondly, is there a masculine and feminine difference between males and females? I haven't ever really been around a female GSD so that's why I'm not totally sure. I know typically they weigh less than males.
I think most females just looks slimmer than males in the face as well as body. They have softer features too.

And Thirdly, are females more caring and drive to please? I guess this could go with any dogs really? I know I was having a conversation with my cousin's wife over Thanksgiving and she said her husband would only have famale labs because he swears they are more eager to please. I don't know if any of this is true or just opinion. I'm sure it could be a little of both.
I think this depends. My male fosters definitely want to please me more than my Raven my female but she would do anything for her guys. I think the desire to please depends on the training and relationship between the handler and the dog.
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