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I've got two females and a male. I think they all defer to me, but the male is more biddable and not so serious.

It really depends on the lines/temperament vs sex. My one female is large and looks like she could be male, though her head is not blocky. My other long coat female has a blocky head, so looks somewhat male too. My male looks MALE!
I personally prefer males.
I had two males (together), then a female and senior male together, then two females and a male(all together). All listened to me over my DH because I am the one that feeds, trains and plays for the most part.
But when DH is outside, they want to be out with him(feeding the chickens is a routine and the dogs look forward to it every night) They will obey him for the most part, but he doesn't give the German commands that I do in training, he tends to repeat his words before they comply.
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