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female GSD needs a good home..

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anyone in the Houston TX area that wants a female GSD she is
4 years old,she is the sister of my samson she's been fix.
free just looking for a good home.
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Do you have any pictures of her? Also, some basic info would be helpful - is she good with dogs, cats, kids? Is she crate trained, house broken, obedience trained? Any issues - over-protective, food guarding, etc.

All this information helps!
she's a dark sable like samson,good with kids & dogs & home broke.
her name is cookie,i'll try to get a picture. and more info.
this is the info i got......

Cookie and Lilly both are sweet, beautiful, house broken and good with kids. Cookie is a full bred German Shepherd. Lilly is a lab mix. Both are fixed and current with all shots and heartworm medication.

Cookie wants a home with someone that can spend lots of time with her. She wants to be next to you no matter what you are doing. I think Cookie may suffer from a little separation anxiety but is a great dog.

Lilly will be fine anywhere and with anyone.

Please forward this to every dog lover you know so that I can find them homes.

E-mail or call me if anyone has any questions.

Mary Smith

3050 Post Oak Blvd.
Suite 1680
Houston, Texas 77056
[phone number removed by Admin. Contact poster for information]
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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