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Hi All!

We got our lovely German Shepherd Cross Puppy around 2 and a half weeks ago and we've just been feeding him what he was on before which was Pedigree Puppy Food whilst he settled in as we didn't want to rush his food changes, This is obviously a load of rubbish so looking to switch him onto something much better - I've searched this forum and online and found so many different answers so I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations? We can't afford Raw so we're looking at a good quality dry biscuit.

I've seen Fromm and Victor recommended however I live in the UK and it seems extremely difficult and expensive to get these over here unfortunately.
I've seen Acana and Orijen recommended (which we can get) however they're both grain-free and I've seen a lot of posts about not feeding grain free due to the possible problems with DCM so I'm confused as to why they're recommended so much if they could cause problems?

I have been looking at the large breed puppy biscuit by Carnilove as it's high protein and has a good calcium to phosphorus ratio so if anyone has tried this then experiences would be helpful!

Thank you in advance for all your help! :)


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