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I have a 10-month old male who in the past has loved chasing and fighting for the Gappay ball.
On Sunday, while I was swinging the ball to throw it, he leapt into the air, unfortunately in the ball's path. The ball hit him, hard, under the eye.
Eye is OK, but there was a small cut under the eye.
Since then, he appears terrified re the ball.
He ran after it once, but dropped the ball as soon as he approached me.
I attached the ball to a long chain, pulled it in front of him.
In the past, he would chase it relentlessly.
Now, looks at it, walks away.
I tried a recall with the ball tucked under my chin.
Thought it would be less threatening.
In the past, he would run towards me at high speed, then chase the ball when thrown.
Today, he didn't want to come.
I would not in the past have described him as an overly sensitive pup...but he's never been hit like this before.
I suppose this is similar to a child hit by a baseball in the face.
Should we take a short break or a long break with the ball?
How can I/should I reintroduce?
Thanks for your thoughts.

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I think this may be a fight that is not worth fighting. Maybe get him an orbee ball or something. You can use the same training with it but it will look different. He is young, and therefore softer than he will eventually be.
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