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Fear or Not? I got to thinking...

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Well, I was reading about GSD LOVER's situation ( that he posted about his seven month old dog with the suit and the whole protection thing. Well, I got to thinking about my dog because of a story my sister told me about Apollo.

One day, probably a month back, right about when Apollo turned five months old, my sister was out of the house. My dad was asleep in his bed, and Apollo sleeps in my dad's room on his own doggie bed. My sister comes back at around midnight or so, and she walked in the room to let our dad know she had come home safe. Apollo got up, started barking, hackles raised, totally alert. My dad got up thinking a burglar had come in and my sister immediately said it was her. At the sound of her voice, the dog instantly calmed down, and well, my dad was relieved obviously.

What do you guys think? Fear or not? Apollo's situation wasn't forced like GSD LOVER's was. I was wondering what you guys had to say about this.
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I don't think it was fear or protective behavior. I think he was just offering an alert - something was funky, he sounded the alarm so the "big dogs" would know, the big dog woke up, the threat turned out to be not a threat, problem solved, he calmed right back down.

Sounds like a sensible pup.
Probably, yes. But also totally normal for a 5 month old puppy. I wouldn't worry about a startle reaction under such circumstances, especially since Apollo recovered promptly once he knew it was your sister.
yup my pup does this too. he's so quick to react too that i dont even have time to distract him when i know that company is comeing over.

he will run to the door barking his head off (no hackles) looking at the door and then at me just kinda checking me and makeing sure im going to "take care of the intruder" then once he sees its friends he's excited.
Yeah, Apollo also gets REALLY excited when company comes over, so lately we've been trying to teach him the 'Greet' Command. I just hate that he always barks his head off at the cats. I find it odd that he barks at his reflection in the glass encasing our fireplace. Anyone else's dog do that?
Zeus and Apollo huh? From the greatest show ever to grace television.

He had a normal reaction (defensive) to an unknown person in the dark. Then once he was able to tell who the person was he was fine. The reaction was fear generated, but all fear is not bad. It's only an issue when a dog acts that way to normal everyday occurrences. Someone that a dog has not identified yet coming into a dark house? Normal to alert on.
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