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Fear Barking

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All of a sudden, Wolfgang is doing the fear barking with other dogs. He'll even do it when he smells them and cant see them.

Yesterday we took him to the dog beach and as soon as he started smelling the ground, he started barking. Got him to settle down and met a border collie mix. Again, he had hackles up and started barking (but his tail was still wagging a bit)... Once they sniffed each other - he did calm down.

Whats the best way to deal with this? I dont want him to fear other dogs - I know he's just 4 months old so it could be a stage... We've been walking him around the block and if he barks at another dog - we tell him leave it.

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The do go through multiple fear stages. Work on two commands at home that will be a big help for you it is the "Leave It" command and the "watch me" command. There was just another post on this yesterday. I will go find it and post the link for you.

Clare, this is the information that was given the other day to you.

Posting the same questions in different area's is very confusing to people who are trying to help you.
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