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FDA orders emergency permit to be required

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I just bought 2 cases of Evangers canned food, yesterday! And today the FDA is saying that their canning process isn't safe? Does this mean the canned food is contaminated? Your thoughts? I am going to call the company tomorrow and I'll post any information that they will give me. I wonder if this is going to be another recall?
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Holy Crap

Though I haven't fed Evanger's I would in a heart beat. In fact I was just whining to my friend today that their kibble has barley so I can't feed it.

I read that as meaning that no contamination has been found but that the FDA is concerned that there could be.

I'm sorry to say it, but it seems that the FDA from time to time decides to target portions of the pet food industry. Last year it was RadCat.

I can't really move around on Evenger's site:

Don't know if it's me or if their website is just extra busy right now.
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Seems to be very rare:
Botulism - Botulism is very rare in dogs and usually follows feeding on carrion.[5] Symptoms include weakness, difficulty eating, acute facial nerve paralysis, and megaesophagus. Compared to other species, dogs and cats are relatively resistant to botulism. [6]

Botulism is a rapidly fatal disease resulting from nerve toxin produced by Clostridium bacteria. Dogs and cats are relatively resistant to the botulism toxin and toxicity is rare and has not been reported in cats.

Many species of mammals and birds, as well as some fish, can be affected by botulism. Clinical disease is seen most often in wildfowl, poultry, mink, cattle, sheep, horses and some species of fish. Dogs, cats and pigs are resistant; botulism is seen occasionally in dogs and pigs but has not been reported from cats.

Dogs, cats, and pigs are comparatively resistant to all types of botulinum toxin when administered orally.
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Thanks for that info about Botulism! I will call Evangers in a bit...getting ready for work

I have to admit some of their canned foods look completely different from any other brand I've seen. They use real meat and chicken rather than formed and processed meat. It looks and smells like roast beef in a can! My dog goes bananas over it! I am not feeding it today, unless the company can set my mind at ease.

I'll post again after work, keep your fingers crossed!
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OK ..I couldn't wait, lol, so I called the company this morning!
What a nice and informative man I spoke with!

Apparently, the FDA is supposed to make a yearly inspection at all canning plants, but they have been "busy" lately and they finally made their routine inspection a couple of months ago. They found some issues with record keeping only. The issues were addressed and no permit was required. There was never an issue with food or contamination. The food was never unsafe. There was and isn't a recall.

The gentleman explained the whole canning process and about steriliztion, that is why they cook the food in the can. It is for sterilization. He also said that this portion of the FDA doesn't have anything to do with dry pet food manufacturing. They are strictly there to regulate the canning plants. Evangers makes their canned foods right their at their own canning facility in Wheeling, IL.

He set my mind at ease, Timberwolf should take a lesson on how to handle customer questions from this guy! I didn't even get his name but but he was one of the managers. The first person to answer the phone was a lady and she immediately gave the phone the this gentleman. Great response!
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I'm so glad you talked to them. Evenger's is high on my list of companies in the trust department!!
Originally Posted By: Barb E.I'm so glad you talked to them. Evenger's is high on my list of companies in the trust department!!
Me too! I give my dog some canned in the mornings and she has never had any problems with or refused to eat Evanger's brand. She has turned her nose up repeatedly at Timberwolf canned foods, so much so that I finally gave away two cases of it to someone who has a more appreciative dog!

I would feed their dry food, too, but I can't find anyone within driving distance who carries it.
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I feed my pregnant bitches Evanger's, adding it to their kibble. I like the stuff, so this was a little roller coaster.
Originally Posted By: selzerI feed my pregnant bitches Evanger's, adding it to their kibble. I like the stuff, so this was a little roller coaster.
I'm sorry!
I am still feeding it to my dog and she's running around like a bat out-a **** as I write this!
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Evanger’s press release re:FDA

Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Company Responds to FDA News Release
April 25, 2008

To our valued customers:

As a result of a routine inspection of the Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Company manufacturing facilities by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the FDA recently raised questions regarding recordkeeping and other issues at the pet food producer’s facilities.

Contrary to a news release issued by the FDA Thursday, April 24, 2008, Evanger’s continues to make and distribute its products with FDA approval. Evanger’s is working closely with the FDA and already has addressed many of the FDA’s questions. Evanger’s expects to have the few remaining FDA queries fully satisfied shortly.

No Evanger’s product has been recalled, nor is there any indication that any Evanger’s product is under-processed, unsafe, or contaminated in any way.

“As our customers, retailers and distributors know, Evanger’s takes the quality and safety of its pet foods very seriously,” said Holly Sher, president of Evanger’s. “Evanger’s has a long history of using only human-grade ingredients in our products. The FDA has not called into question the wholesomeness of any ingredient we use. We are confident Evanger’s products continue to be safe, wholesome and natural, so confident that we continue to feed them daily to our own pets.”

All ingredients in Evanger’s products are sourced in the United States and all manufacturing is done in its suburban Chicago facility. The routine FDA inspection was related only to Evanger’s canned foods and is not affiliated with of production its dry pet food products.

As the United States’ oldest natural pet food company, Evanger’s products are known for their human-grade ingredients, including hand-packed meats, fish and poultry, and 100% meat and organic meals.

Consumers and distributors may contact Evanger’s customer service department at US +1 8002886796 Call for further information. In addition, all new or updated information will be immediately posted to our Website,


Established in 1935, EVANGER’S Dog & Cat Food Company, Inc. is the oldest natural dog food company in the United States. Today, the suburban Chicago company is as innovative as when Fred Evanger first founded it, producing a wide array of human-grade dog and cat food dinners and supplements.


Joel Sher
Vice President
Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Co., Inc.
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Re: Evanger’s press release re:FDA

Thanks for posting that Barb E. I hadn't actually checked their website since I spoke directly with that gentleman last week. He told me pretty much the same thing that is written in their press release. Good to know! Still feeding their canned products each morning with good results.
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Re: Evanger’s press release re:FDA

While it sounds like they are doing the right things, being in a regulated industry covered by the FDA (I work with MRI coils), not having the paperwork right IS a big deal. If the paperwork isn't there to prove where the food was purchased, the food could have been purchased from anywhere.

If you do not say to cook the can of chicken for 38 minutes, It can be cooked for any amount of time.

One expects findings in an audit, but not to the point of emergency permits. It is possible that the FDA is stepping things up concerning dog food and Evanger was the first to take a hit. Hopefully, this will make all kinds of companies pay more attention to the details.

I do not think this is a bad thing. I think this is a good thing. I am not afraid of Evanger's quality at this point, but I hope they make the FDA happy.
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