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favorite organic/holistic web site for dogs

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I became interested in this after choosing a hemp collar for Skye. They are so nice and look very comfortable. I also don't like to buy treats made outside the USA (some Canadian exceptions) and I don't give my dogs grains.

For viewing some interesting organic choices, I like Planet Earth and Global Dog - they both have hemp collars, organic treats, fun toys and other interesting products. What are your favorites?
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Fortunately there is a store here where I can get most of the holistic stuff I need for my animals. My favorite site for supplements, treats, etc. is

They have an amazing diversity of products and customers review them which is helpful, especially when you're trying something new.

That said, I'm a big supporter of local businesses and there are two really good, rescue friendly animal supply stores here so I try to support them as much as possible. The health food store one will order stuff for me too.
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for local businesses. I have a great one here called bone-a-fido. They only carry the best (in opinion) foods and treats and great toys like hurleys and the hemp collars.

They're great about ordering for me - but I like the sites to see what is out there.

Thanks for the link - I'll be checking it out.
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