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Farmina N&D or Orijen?

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Hello everyone
Suzi is now 15 weeks old. So far I have fed her Farmina dog food.
Orijen dog for a change when the Farmina dog food package is finished
I'm thinking of getting the food.

Is Orijen a good brand?
Should I change and buy orijen or continue with Farmina N&D?
Should I also buy grain dog food or grain-free dog food?

Thank you
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Also, I’d go with grains unless dog has some allergy to grains.
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I rotated both, and my dog seemed to enjoy both. After I started rotating them I noticed my dog stopped eating grass, which he used to do when I fed him RC and HS
For a young pup the protein % might be to high, my vet wanted no more than 30% until 6 months old.

My dogs like Inukshuk better than Orijen. But my wallet likes Victor professional and high pro better and they are doing fine. Victor is what our breeder weened them on. Both are all life stages food.
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