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Fall pictures

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I hope it's okay that I post some non-dog pictures in the dog forum picture area, but they're all from the same day/outing and I didn't really want to make 3 different threads. Some of Frag, some of Emajean, and some shots of Jon's relative in leaves that I thought was cute in the spirit of fall. Enjoy!

Fraggly first;

Then Emajean;

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And some of the family;

Jon in a tree

Kaleb sitting in the leaves

Kaleb playing with the leaves

Every child needs one of these!

That's all! I loved the scenery in these pictures and the lighting so I had to post!
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Beautiful photo's!!!
yes yes, absolutely beautiful! That's the one thing I miss about living up north is the color changes. (we're still in bikini's in Florida, but we have no color change like you guys up there)
Thanks! Yeah, I love the changing of the colors in the fall. So dramatic!
Those are excellent pictures. Is Frag considered a bicolor? And what kind of bone is that? Dakota would love it!!

I could really, really use that kennel for a couple of my children right now, lol! Oh the joys of parenthood with a reactive attachment disorder child!! HELP!! Oops, sorry about that, back to the thread...

Ginger, I sure wish it would cool off again down here myself. I'm a native Floridian, but I'm ready for a break in the heat.
Frag would be considered a black and tan blanket back. :)
Then I think that's my favorite GSD color. I love it! Of course I love my girls too!
Thank you! Haha, yep, Frag's a blanket back because his tan/white goes up his chest into his face. When he was little he almost looked like a bi-color, but he grew out of it quick. I love his coloring though too, so rich!

That bone is made by merrick, I think it was called "Sarge". I found it in a local petshop on my way down to visit family and it was only $7 at about a foot long and 2 inches across at the smallest point. I was like, "Score!"
Great pictures! Those borders are a nice touch. I love the one with Frag & the bone in the car. Restrained excitement!
Great pictures!
Thanks! haha, I love adding borders to make them look more professional and put together. ;)
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