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I believe that The "guard dog" of such a such time is always been the dog to watch out for.

ANd on a side note wholly cow.. Did you know the GSD has a bite of 238-750#s as compared to a pitbull that was shown to be 350# of force.. .
Generally, a comparison of my dog bites harder than yours is nothing more than the grade school argument of "my dad can beat your dad". I say that having considerable experience with dogs that "bite" for a living. If there is enough pressure to break skin and sink the teeth to the gumline, and remain attached, how much pressure is needed. The low number you posted is more than enough for that feat. My point; if you are going to defend a certain breed, you need to compare apples to apples. You can't compare the bite of a toy poodle to the bite of a Doberman. Look for the severity of the bite, by breed. It will tell the story. The reason pits are in the news is not some covert conspirecy to outlaw pits. It's because of the noteriety they have recieved. Generally because if a pit is involved the bite is considerably more serious than with other breeds. I'm opposed to BSL of any type. I'm certainly in favor of holding the person responsible, not the breed. I also understand, something needs to be done. There is a reason drug dealers and your common thug gravitate towards the pit.

ETA the following link: you might find this link useful. It may not agree with your argument, but it is information you are looking for.

Fatal dog attacks in the United States

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