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Eye Matter

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Hello, my one year old gsd has matter in the corner of his eyes. We clean them and it comes back. Any info on what might cause this would be great Thanks
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You absolutely want to get to the vet as soon as you can. Possibly an antibiotic salve will help your dog. Could be an eye infection. Ring for a vet appointment as soon as you can. Good luckm and welcome to the forum!
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what exactly does this matter in his eyes look like? is it redness, haziness, or pus looking stuff. conjuntivitis could be the issue, or it could be any number of eye diseases, such as pannus which is seen alot in the gsd. i would get him in for a diagnosis, treatment, etc.

It kind of looks like pus . It's on the inside corners of his eyes . My wife calls it for lack of a better term "eye boogers" ..
You have a vet appointment lined up by now, I am hoping? This is a great time to hurry into that vet asap.
Dante had this when he was a pup, took him in to the vet and they put some drops in his eyes for "conjuctiveitis".

Turns out it was the food I was feeding at the time.

If I were you, I'd pop him in to the vet just to make sure everything at the eye is ok and then I'd look at what he's eating to see if there might be a sensativity
We are going this afternoon .. He will enjoy the ride .. Also can any one recomend good food ?
There are a lot out there and some dogs do well on some and others don't.
Check out the Diet & Nutrition section just under this section.
Also my favorite website for food research is:

Hope all goes well at the vet and happy food hunting!!
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I have this great eye cleaner by HALO. I haven't had an issue yet that it didn't take care of! Rafi's poor eye was a mess a couple of weeks ago and I treated it 3 times in one day and then it was all better the next day!
We went this afternoon and it is from his being outside now that spring is in full bloom. We are to put drops in his eyes when he comes in . Nothing to serious..
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