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Not sure where to put this, so it's here for now, feel free to move where ever...

I'm wondering about their eye color. Murphy doesn't have that nice amber color. I remember Zeva's was a bit different when she was younger, but now it's that nice bright beautiful color.

When do they tend to get that? I know their vision is still developing at this point, but There is just something about that amber that's just beautiful.

I remember looking on here and thinking I wish Zeva's eyes were like that.. now they are... when will Murphy's be?

I don't have many pix of Zeva when we first got her, she was very hard to get on 'film' and the camera I had kinda sucked, VERY old Digital... I got a new one, takes nice pix, a lot faster... so I don't have any good shots of her face when we first got her.

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