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Shadow our 11 month old female has a special bond with each family member. She is ultimately my older son's dog, he bought her, does the bulk of her training,walking feeding etc. However with me she seams to know I am boss and have the final say, if she has something in her mouth she shouldn't have, all we have to say (when leave it or drop it don't work) is"that's mummy's" and she will drop the object immediately. She also comes to me for comfort, etc. With my younger son, she gets so excited when she see's him, she walks beautifully for him, absolutely no pulling at all, she sleeps at his feet until he is asleep.
We all get equal amounts of kisses and cuddles, she is a very special girl.

Yesterday I had a friend over, we were drinking coffee in the kitchen, I heard a god awful scream coming from my bedroom. I rush down to investigate, Shadow beat me there. My younger son is sitting on my bed very upset, my older son had teased him and was standing at the end of my bed. Shadow jumped up on the bed to console younger son, I started to leave the room after exchanging stern words with older son. I hear older son let out a small "hey stop it". I think younger son has retaliated. No older son follows me out to the kitchen to tell me Shadow nipped him on the arm, after consoling younger son.
Older son tells me later it wasn't a hard nip, just enough to let him know that if anyone upsets the baby of the house they will have to deal with her. Hahaha, perhaps older son will think twice now about teasing younger son.
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