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Explanations of Obedience

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This is probably the stupid question of the day - but could someone please tell me what is obedience competitions. Also, I am located in Northern Virginia, is there anywhere close that I could go too see a club, or competition?

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Re: Explanations of Obedience - Northern VA Clubs?

NOT a stupid question! Heck I've had dogs for years and only went and watched my first official 'obedience' show a few years ago!

There are tons of places to train and watch in northern VA, so hopefully someone will chime in from your area. Specially someone with that crappy boring obedience background...

Now if you want to talk agility, now there is a real dog sport
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Re: Explanations of Obedience - Northern VA Clubs?

Hey now, obedience isn't boring! *L* It just takes dogs with more BRAINS than BRAWN to compete successfully!

Obedience competitions are basically competitions where you show how much your dog knows, what kind of bond you have with your dog, and how your dog works consistently under a variety of distractions.

In AKC (American Kennel Club) there are three basic levels of obedience competition: Novice, Open and Utility. Novice is the easiest, with the exercises including heelwork on and off leash, a stand for judge's exam, a recall, and a sit-stay and down-stay with the handlers in the ring. Open is all off-leash, with a heel exercise, a drop on recall, a dumbbell retrieve on the flat and then over a high jump, a broad jump, and a sit-stay and down-stay with the handlers out of sight. Utility is the toughest level. Exercises include a signal exercise (heelwork plus stand-stay, drop, sit and recall with NO verbal commands), scent discrimination where the dog has to find objects touched by the handler, a moving stand for exam where the judge does a full hands-on exam with the handler ten feet away, a directed retrieving exercise and a directed jumping exercise.

Each level has to be passed three times in order to receive a title. Novice title is Companion Dog (CD), Open title is Companion Dog Excellent (CDX), and Utility title is Utility Dog (UD). Dogs must earn at least 170 points out of 200 in order to qualify.

There is also a style of obedience called rally obedience, which starts at a much easier level than regular obedience. There are three rally titles you can earn. Rally allows you to talk to and praise and encourage your dog throughout the course (in regular obedience you are limited to single commands during the exercises). Rally courses are set up with a series of exercises printed on cards, and you follow the cards and do the exercises.

You can go to to do a search and find out what shows are in your area.

Melanie and the gang in Alaska
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Re: Explanations of Obedience - Northern VA Clubs?

Quote:Hey now, obedience isn't boring! *L* It just takes dogs with more BRAINS than BRAWN to compete successfully!
I find the biggest challenge is staying smarter than my dog! But obedience training is great fun, and really helps to build a relationship between you and your dog. Competitions give you the chance to show off together.
Thank you for your responses. I appreciate the information
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You can also find out where clubs and shows are at from the AKC website. Just click on the clubs drop down or the events drop down. Very easy to navigate.
Obedience is only boring if we make it boring! Have fun with it!
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