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Some state long coats shed more, some state they shed only twice a year (as they don't have the undercoat).

So, the question to folks in this forum is:
Does anyone have experience with a long coat GSD and provide inputs ?
Are they more susceptible to fleas despite preventive medication (due to longer coats) ?
Do they need more frequent grooming or just the normal rooming that a stock coat GSD would need ?
Do they need extra vitamin supplements to maintain their shiny coat ?

Any help will be much appreciated.
There are both long coats without the undercoat, and long stock coats that have an undercoat. My LC sheds as much as my stock coat, but it is more noticeable (on carpet, etc) than the stock due to the hairs being longer.

The coats do not affect flea preventatives. The way flea preventatives work is being absorbed into the skin, and then released back onto the skin through the oil glands which is why the entire dog is protected from something applied only at the neck. A flea needs to feed to breed and such, and will be killed when they bite (if not sooner).

My girl needs more grooming due to preventing tangles and mats. She also gets things stuck in her fur that would never stick to my stock coat. Feathering around the legs, belly, and ears are especially susceptible.
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