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Dog Physical Therapy 2: Pet Strength Training

I found information on google for exercises.
When I went to that website it said it was no longer available
Can you buy a used treadmill (they are often on craigslist for fairly cheap)? Put it at an incline (we do 6% for Nash) and walk him on it for 20 minutes a day. Swimming is great, but now its to cold for that. Trotting up hills helps a lot too. I take Nash to Animal Rehabilitation Center of Rochester, mainly just because they are right near my house, but they have been helpful with Nash's issues (

Getting a pulling harness and having him pull light weight will help too. Be careful with that though, keep the weight light. Walking up the stairs several times a day will help too, have him walk slow, one foot per step. Teach him to back up on command and have him walk backwards several feet a few times per session, a few sessions a day. You can make a couple of jumps for cheap from PVC, just keep them low and on grass, just above hock height is high enough and run him over those a few times a day.

It may also be helpful for him to have some core conditioning as well. Have him roll over, going to both sides, a few times a day can do a lot for his core muscles, which will help with over all condition. Teaching him to "sit up pretty" also works those muscles.
Teach your dog just get right on to the treadmill? I do have a treadmill and I have AGS T with cowhocked legs that I would like to strengthen so if getting on the treadmill would be an option I would do it!
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