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My dog is severely cowhocked, (have mentioned his other health issues on another thread but want to concentrate on this issue here). Does anyone have any suggestions on how to strengthen his back legs. He is only a year old and sometimes has trouble getting up the stairs without my help and he can't get into my Kia Sportage without help either. He can get one foot into the vehicle but does not have the strength to lift himself up and get the other leg up. I ALWAYS have to help him (after letting him try himself) I do not coddle him, but can tell when he just can't do it himself. We take long walks and I play a lot with him in the backyard, making him run for toys, chase him around the yard etc, but his back legs still are not building up muscle tone. Have even thought about just walking him up and down the stairs in my house to strengthen his back legs, sort of like a homemade stairmaster. If anyone has dealt with this and found a way to strengthen the back legs, please let me know.
I would recommend supplements! Earth Vet has great supplements specific for joint health and overall developmental health
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