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Exercise Before Obedience Class

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I have an obedience class at 11 a.m. on Saturdays and Tosca is full of energy. Today I decided to throw the frisbee a bit, but not exhaust her, before going to class. Is that a good idea? I thought maybe this would help her concentrate. She is still raring to go. lol.
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All you can do is experiment. This can help many dogs by taking a bit of the edge off before class giving them the ability to think. Some dogs it would take too much away from them.
I have a couple dogs I need to do this with because they are so "excited" it does help take the edge off. I have never had one that it actually hindered (unless we played too long) but I have a couple that work MUCH better after they get their speed bursts out. Like Lisa said it depends on the dog.
Gracie HAS to work off some energy before class. She is so hyper and does everything with 110% effort that she is distracted. Making her a little tired out helps a little.
Tosca was great in class. We were the only ones there so I received one-on-one training. It was amazing how differently a dog reacts to different people giving commands. lol. The instructor was tough and demanding and Tosca responded well. I am a softie and not consistent. No wonder she doesn't do what I say. lol.

Sometimes I wish I had the dog first and then the kids.
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