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Evo Red Meat V's Barking At The Moon

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I am debating switching to one of these foods and I am torn. I am not sure which one to try. BATM would be easier for me to get, since they sell it at Petco, but there is a place not too far from my work that carries Evo. Libby tends to not do well on chicken products, so I need to stay away from that for sure. (just in case someone has a different food suggestion) Is there any pros or cons anyone can share with me to help me make my decision?

Also, anyone know of an online place that offers free shipping?????
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I just finished making the switch from Eagle Pack to Barking At The Moon and it has gone very, very well. No poop problems.
I had very good luck with my sensitive boy on Barking at the Moon. He's on a different kind right now (Orijen - just because it's easier for me to get, and he's done just as well on it), but I wouldn't hesitate to go back to BATM. I like the evo products also, and in fact I use a little canned 95% EVO in his meals. But I think in the beginning I chose the BATM kibble because it had fewer ingredients. I think there were about 4-5 meats in the EVO RM formula and I wanted fewer, to eliminate some and keep others as novel proteins.
We feed EVO Red Meat large bites and are very happy with it.

The meats in it are:


It does take longer than most dogfoods for your dog to adjust to (different enzymes at play in digestion) so take it slow if you do decide on it. What works best is two weeks 50/50 old dogfood and EVO followed by about a week more of 25/75 old dogfood and EVO before you go 100% EVO. If you don't do this diahria is the result. When acclimated their stools are much smaller and quite alot darker than before. Remember also to feed much less than you probably did before. Although there is a feeding guide on the bag I found that 1.25 cups fed twice a day 12 hours apart works best for our 65 llb Frigga and 1.75 cups twice a day is best for our big boy, Odin, at 125 llbs. Note that Odin is super large. He's 31" tall and not fat at all. Obviously well above standard.

Oh yeah, Odin had many food related problems in the past such as skin issues, ear problems, etc. Most were cleared up when we switched to Natura's other product, California Natural, but they didn't finally all go away until we switched to EVO.
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Barking At The Moon (Solid Gold) does not make the product, its made by Diamond Pet Food.

I feed ORIJEN, if I wanted to stay away from Chicken, I would go with the EVO Red Meat myself over the Diamond product.
Thanks for all the input.

I decided to go with BATM. We'll see how everyone does on it and go from there. The closest place that sells Evo is almost an hour away. I can get BATM 15 minutes from the house. I honestly really wanted to go with Evo, but if I ran out or something happened to their food it would be a huge PITA to get more on short notice!! We'll see how it goes!!
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