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Every once in a while...

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You come across a nice human being.

This morning, on our walk, Sierra and I came up on the most
exciting thing... some guy flying a remote controlled (very large)
airplane. Where we walk is sort of a "back" entrance to a large
business park, almost totally deserted at 8 on a Sunday morning.

Well Sierra was just VERY interested in this plane, the guy landed
it in the street almost right in front of us. He then turned it
around to taxi for a take-off, when he noticed Sierra just looking
and LOOKING. Then he did the most amazing thing... he STOPPED
taxiing his plane and asked me "Is this scaring her"? It was so
considerate I could harldy believe it. He was going to wait until
we got by if it was. I thanked him and said she was okay, so he
smiled and revved the thing up and lifted off, it was way cool.
Sierra watched it in the sky for quite a long time, too!
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How nice!! Wish more people were as consider it as he was!!
stories like that warm our hearts!
That was so considerate of him...I wish there were more people like that!
Wow Great story and the guy was very considerate. Brings back great memories, my dad used to build those planes and fly them. Of course he used to crash them on the first or second flight, but he enjoyed them so much.
Little things like that will just make my day!
What a nice guy!
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