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This isn't about my shepherd but I'm hoping it's alright to post here...

My 6.5 year old dachshund, Sadie, has epilepsy. She was diagnosed at about 5 months when she had a petit mal seizure at the dog park and a lady recognized it as a seizure and told me. It had happened a few times before, I thought she had just picked up something that she shouldn't have - she'd froth at the mouth and chomp her jaws. We took her to the vet and, eventually, decided to put her on phenobarbital after about a month. She was on it for about a year before her bloodtests showed some weird liver results and we decided to wean her off it (he liver levels have been fine ever since, so it may have been something else). Anyways, her seizure frequency seemed to decreased slightly (compared to the time when she wasn't on pheno) but her seizures were more severe - sometimes cluster petit mals or a grand mal. I was speaking to a friend that mentioned a study in humans where they consumed a diet that was comprised of 5% sugar or less, we decided to try it with Sadie and used the highest quality low sugar diet we could find (that was a lot of math!). It work(s) pretty well, however the seizures are pretty severe - she'll have a cluster grand mal once every 1-1.5 years.

However, we also noticed that she seemed to be slower mentally that she had been before. She never really developed past late puppyhood and her memory seemed to be getting worse (she would forget things that she had known all her life - tricks, potty training sometimes, etc). This all started in the last year or so. Her bloodwork and everything is normal, checks out pretty well healthwise, with the exception of always being slightly dehydrated.

I was speaking to a vet at work today, picking her brain. I had previously been told that she should have an MRI, but due to cost I have been putting it off. Anyways, she thought she should have a neuro consult first because some of the things Sadie seems to do sound like "mini seizures". She suggested video taping her going about her business and bring it with me for the consult. She also suggested looking into Kappra, which sounded interesting, but I'm a bit put off with the 3x/day part. I know that I won't be able to do that most days and it would add the cost of having someone come in to medicate her onto an already expensive drug.

Does anyone have any experience with Kappra? I like that you don't have to do titres with it. In any case, I'm hoping to get into do the neuro consult in June, so I would like to be as prepared as possible.
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