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Well, if they weigh the right amount and look healthy, then I'd say it's what Maedchen says, with some of Diana's advice, that the food tastes better.

But my dog eats more than the standard 2% of his weight. So if your Sheltie in particular is always hungry, looks like he could use to gain a few more pounds, has more energy (and is therefore likely burning more calories), you may wish to bump up the food just a touch. I had to tinker with my GSD's intake a lot before I found what works for him. And I still don't make it a set amount every single day no matter what. I start with his regular meal, but if he's acting starving (which he normally doesn't do), then I'll pull out a can of sardines and give him a little extra. And some days, he won't finish his normal meal because he doesnt need all that food.

So, while I know most people feed a set amount every day, I don't. Regardless, the only way to know what that set amount should be is to mess around with it when you're starting out. Watch your dog's waistline closely. You'll see if he's getting too much food, not enough, or just right.

I guess what I'm saying is don't rely on the math religiously. Trust your own judgement.
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