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Ending Confusion

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I have noticed more and more in trying to train Apollo that Rocky seems to be getting confused.

If I say Apollo come, Rocky will also come. Of course I praise both of them for listening, but how can I get Rocky to stay, when we are working on come with Apollo? LOL

I feel bad for him he is trying to do what we ask, but he is not realizing we are not asking him. Any suggestions?
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work w/apollo for now away from rocky?

what i did for luc and teagan was i started always saying their names before a command. it works quite well, though every now and then when i'm doing an obed. session w/teagan luc will join in from a distance, doing whatever i say.

....for some reason, i don't have the opposite happening with teagan....hmmm....LOL
When we got Keefer I ALWAYS separated the dogs for training. When I wasn't actively training, I still expected them both to listen to me and obey, so I rewarded them both. I used "everybody!" as a global directive - "everybody, sit!", "everybody, down!", "everybody, watch!" etc.
Cassidy I try to separate them. I send Rocky to one of his spots, and have him lay down, but as soon as I start working with Apollo Rocky appears. (He is listening to the commands LOL) I will try the everybody, but lately I have been just saying boys. It is actually kind of helpful if I say Apollo come, Rocky will also come and Apollo just loves to follow Rocky. Of course trying to redirect Apollo when Rocky is standing there is tough, cause he just wants to play.

Maybe I can separate them and send him and DH out to play ball, while I work with Apollo.
Oh, just sending the other dog to go lay down somewhere would NOT have worked around here either! I'd close Dena in the office with my hubby, or put her out in the garage pen when I worked with Keefer, or Tom would take her with him somewhere - to the gym, to the store, whatever. There's just no way I'd have been able to give him my undivided attention otherwise.

It was only in the evening when we were hanging out watching TV that both dogs were around and I'd do obedience exercises with them together.
LOL it is one of those trial and error things. And each day seems to bring different things. Life is definitely interesting.
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