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Emergency Neutering our Odon

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Well last night after getting home from work I was out with one of our boys when I seen that his testicals were enlarged, so this morning I took him into our vet and was told that he needed neutering. Being one of our breeding males it broke our heart. So putting Odon first we had him neutered. After the surgery the vet called and told us that the reason his buddies were swollen was cause by trama or injury. Being he is only 4 years old he will in time make a family as happy as he has us. but for now he will stay here and find out what its like to be babyed and how it feels to live in our house instead of the kennel where the others are. Thank God we have this lil Anne to carry on his bloodlines. But the whole idea of him going to a home really tears us up cause he is one of those special dogs that doesn't come along all the time and will never be replaced in our hearts
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Chuck I am sorry to hear about your pups problem. I cant even imagine what you must be going through. Maybe you can consider keeping him instead of rehoming him. (Not sure how this kind of thing works, but maybe he could find a new job?)

Hopefully he will recover quickly.
I'm sorry he needed the surgery, but I'm glad he's ok.

Why can't you keep him as a pet? You know you want to...
Good luck in whatever you decide is best for all of you! Hugs to Odon!
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Well Cathy my wife has talked me into trying to make him a house dog. Don't think I don't love the boy cause I really do. So out of love for this boy we will try to make him our house dog, and of coarse love for my wife that I would even consider this. The main thing is to get him healty again, but don't get me wrong if that special home come yes I would let him go
Yeah Chuck, I hope things work out and he gets back to feeling better. Never can tell might end up with the best pet in the whole world!
My Jasper's father had a similar problem, however he wasn't so lucky, and passed on the operating table

So even though Odon won't be able to do all aspects of breeding, at least he will be able to provide you, or who ever else is in his life, the joy and loving nature that our GSD's give us on a daily basis
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HUGS to you Chuck and to Cathy. I am so very very sorry to hear this. I will PM you after I feed and walk The Doofinator (you know who). Sending prayers for Odon's recovery. What a wonderful, caring man you are Chuck-- I am happy for Cathy to have her buddy indoors as a hour-snugglebug, but I am so very sorry this happened in the first place. HUGS to you both!! Hugs to sweet Odon, too!
I'm sorry to hear of Odon's emergency surgery but glad to hear he made it through okay. I hope he makes a wonderful housedog for you guys.
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Chuck, Sorry to hear about the injury to Odon and the emergency surgery. Did the Vet tell you to put some cold packs on there to help reduce the swelling??

I would assume that Odon is inside recuperating now, the transition will take some time, but he should adjust JUST fine to being a house dog.

I did have a dog that I will swear was claustrophobic, but he was a rescue.

No offense, but lucky for Odon, that he is now being treated as family member and has the priviledge of living in the house, instead of living all his life in a kennel just to produce puppies.
Hope everything went well with the surgery and that he recovers quickly.
So sorry this happened to Odon, hope he's feeling better soon!!! I'm glad you're going to keep him as a pet, it sounds like a win-win situation for both Odon, you and your wife.

Give him a hug from us!!!
Hi, I'm a newbie here on this forum...but I just wanted to say that I'm so happy that your wife convinced you into keeping Odon as your house dog. It sounded to me like you really didn't want to see him be rehomed.

Happy retirement Odon! Get spoiled rotten for a little while, then find a good protecting the property.
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Thanks everyone for helping us feel better about this ordeal. He maybe a showline male but he has been trained to protect. We had just got his BH and was planning next month to go for his SCH-1, but for now I have no interests in going any farther with him except make him a great house protector. I picked him up from the vet and when we got the bill I looked down and said now you are going to have to get a job to help pay for the bill, the tech grinned and then laughed. I guess it was the sight of my wife crying that really got to me and helped make the decision to house break him, the 3 girls in the house even his daughter seemed to be happy to see him, now to see how he acts around CATS will be the deal decider. if you all look at the pictures of our Annie under pitures pictures pictures you will see him and his daughter and his mate Blaze. It is ashame the only litter he produced was out of kennel breeding which produced Annie. Again thank you all for making us feel some what better about this ordeal. Also I was taught by my family to find a good thing about a bad situation and go with it AND THE GOOD THING WAS ODON IS NOW A HOUSE DOG as of 7 pm tonight
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