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Emergency Groomer Session - Only My Dog!

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If someone is going to eat something, get into something requiring an emergency call, it will be Ozzy!
Last night, 11pm I'm cooking dh's supper, look over and what is that in Ozzy's hair? OMG fresh gum!! I don't know where he got it, I'm not a gum chewer and dh only chews the fruity flavoured pink gum, we just came back from our last walk of the night, I didn't see him lay down and nobody was near us.
I sent him downstairs to dh with an ice cube and papertowel, after I cooked dh's supper I sat down with moustache scissors.........
This morning I called the groomer, could we get an emergency gumectomy, she accomodated......... I have no idea where he picked it up, I don't believe it was there long, but talk about a PITA to get out!! Whether it became soft inside, or was fresh when he got it on him..........
At any rate to share with others, we froze the gum with an icecube, cut and picked out what we could, I got him to the groomers this am because (short coat) I thought he might need the spot buzzed/clipped. Watch your furkids! I hate gum, don't like it near the house, but somewhere, somehow Ozzy managed to get it in his coat!! It was white/green which indicates it wasn't gum from our house.
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Peanut butter works very well when it comes to removing gum from hair or fur. I had to use it on Drake a couple times and it work like a charm
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